Work Beadle Center (BEAD) N251
Lincoln NE 68588-0664
Work 402-472-9802 On campus, dial 2-9802
I am a Professor of Practice in the Department of Biochemistry and an Assistant Director in the University Honors Program. My background includes nearly 34 years of active research in the fields of plant physiology and plant biochemistry, publications in peer-reviewed scholarly journals, and memberships on various professional societies. My primary areas of research interest include biochemical and environmental regulation of carbon and nitrogen isotope fractionation in plants, stomatal biochemistry, and, more recently, biofuel production using the biomass of switchgrass plants. My experience also includes many years of teaching plant physiology and biochemistry, Teach Principles of Biochemistry courses at all Undergraduate Levels, Teach Biochemistry and Molecular Biology techniques in Lab courses; Participate in Honors Level Courses teaching especially in the area of Undergraduate Thesis writing

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