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Holly Hatton-Bowers received her doctorate from the University of California, Davis in human development with a focus on caregiver well-being, early childhood development and early mental health. She completed the University of Massachusetts/Napa Infant-Parent Mental Health Post-Graduate Certificate Program in 2007.<br><br>As an Assistant Professor and Early Childhood Extension Specialist in the Department of Child, Youth, and Family Studies (CYAF) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), her scholarship activities focus on identifying and implementing effective ways to promote the well-being of early childhood educators, families and young children. The key areas of her work focus on: (1) developing the reflective capacities of caregivers to increase their potential for learning, (2) identifying effective contemplative strategies to support the well-being of caregivers and children, and (3) enhancing social-emotional learning in early care and education.


  • Ph D, University of California Davis, 2012

icon-bookmark-starAwards & Honors

  • Honorable Mention best JSWE Mixed Methods Article, Journal of Social Work Education (JSWE) Editorial Advisory Board, Council on Social Work Education, 2016
  • University of Nebraska Innovative Extension New Employee Award. , Nebraska Cooperative Extension Association., 2017

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