Work Dinsdale Family Learning Commons (DINS) 011B
Lincoln NE 68583-0717
Work 402-472-6297 On campus, dial 2-6297
I engage with researchers in a variety of ways, emphasizing research data services and preparing the next generation of scientists to be experts in discovering and using information and data to advance research and understanding. To schedule an appointment, visit https://go.unl.edu/0izp.


  • MA, University of Iowa, 2005
  • Other, Cornell University, 1990
  • MS, The Pennsylvania State University, 1985
  • BA, Seton Hill College, 1982

icon-documentPublications and Other Intellectual Contributions

  • Simple Darwin Core for Non-Biologists Primer (2023). Available at https://github.com/DataCurationNetwork/data-primers/blob/master/Simple%20Darwin%20Core%20Primer/dwc.md (with Megan N. O'Donnell)
  • Does Cover Crop Management Impact Arthropods in the Subsequent Corn and Soybean Crops in the USA? A Systematic Review (2021), Annals of the Entomological Society of America (with Gabriela Inveniento Carmona and others)
  • Re-centering teaching and learning: Toward communities of practice at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries (book chapter with Erica DeFrain, Elizabeth Lorang, Catherine Fraser Riehle, & Toni Anaya)
  • Dissemination, access, preservation: A case study of publications from the Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative. (2019)., Journal of Agricultural and Food Information, 20(2): 129-146. doi: 10.1080/10496505.2018.1532297
  • From their mouths to our ears: Research practices and needs of agricultural scientists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. (2017), Journal of Agricultural and Food Information 18(3-4): 373-400 (with Andrea L. Dinkelman)
  • Reviews of science for science librarians: Drought in the agricultural and geosciences literature. (2013), Science and Technology Libraries, 32(1): 30-44 (with Adonna Fleming)
  • The Ogallala Aquifer in Nebraska: Gray literature (1891-2010). (2012), Journal of Agricultural and Food Information, 13(3): 213-239 (with Adonna Fleming and Elaine Nowick)
  • Obtaining and using copyrighted research journal content – convenience versus ethics. (2011), Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 111(11): 1746-1748 (with Paula Ritter-Gooder and Nancy Lewis)
  • Connecting researchers with funding opportunities: A joint effort of the Libraries and University Research Office. (2010), Collaborative Librarianship, 2(1): 33-37 (with Julie Kelly and Jody Kempf)
  • At the watershed: Preparing for research data management and stewardship at the University of Minnesota Libraries. (2008), Library Trends, 57(2): 202-210
  • Understanding research behaviors, information resources, and service needs of scientists and graduate students: A study for the University of Minnesota Libraries. (2007). Available at http://hdl.handle.net/11299/5546
  • Tracking ‘organic’ agricultural research in the United States, 1970-1989: What federal legislative and selected USDA-sponsored documents reveal. (2007), Journal of Agricultural and Food Information, 8(1): 49-93 (with Charles Bernholz)
  • Pisatin demethylation by fungal pathogens and nonpathogens of pea: Association with pisatin tolerance and virulence. (1999), Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology, 55(6): 317-326 (with Hans VanEtten and others)
  • Comparison of a DNA hybridization probe and ELISA for detection of Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus in field-grown potatoes. (1993), Plant Disease, 77(12): 1243-1247 (with Steve Slack and others)
  • Differential toxicity of enantiomers of maackiain and pisatin to phytopathogenic fungi. (1992), Phytochemistry, 31(11): 3813-3819 (with David Matthews and Hans VanEtten)
  • The effects of infections by Pyrenophora teres and barley yellow dwarf virus on the freezing hardiness of winter barley. (1987), Phytopathology, 77(10): 1435-1437 (with H. Cole, Jr. and James A. Frank)
  • Effects of planting date on development of net blotch epidemics in winter barley in Pennsylvania. (1987), Plant Disease, 71(5): 438-441 (with H. Cole, Jr.)

icon-business-chartResearch & Grants

  • Preserving Nebraska's Agricultural History II, Center for Research Libraries, September 2019
  • Innovative Instruction in Legal History: A Collaborative Approach to Law & the Humanities at the Undergraduate Level, UNL College of Arts and Sciences, 2017-2018
  • Preserving Nebraska's Ag History, Center for Research Libraries, June 2013

icon-bookmark-starAwards & Honors

  • Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Agricultural and Food Information, 2018
  • President (3-year term), U.S. Agricultural Information Network (USAIN), 2016
  • Chair, Academic Planning Committee, UNL, 2015
  • Best Paper Award, Geoscience Information Society , 2013

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