Work Food Innovation Center (FIC) 1901 N 21st St Rm 261
Lincoln NE 68588-6205
Work 402-472-0452 On campus, dial 2-0452
Research Professor in the Food Allergy Research and Resource Program (FARRP), <a href="//Dept.of">Dept. of</a> Food Science & Technology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln since 2004. Currently 28% appointment. Focus is on food safety related to risks of food allergy, characterizing allergens and celiac disease gluten peptides and providing public databases for evaluating novel food sources and Genetically Engineered crops.<br><br>At 70 years, not accepting new graduate students beyond current commitments. <br><br>Collaborating with food companies on new food safety and with biotechnology companies to improve the allergenicity evaluation process and celiac evaluation process.<br><br>Communicating with regulatory agency staff in the United States, China and other countries regarding GE crop evaluations.<br>

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