Work Filley Hall (FYH) 229
Lincoln NE 68583-0806


  • Ph D, Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University, 2008


  • ASCI 921, Interdepartmental Nutrition Seminar, Fall 2016
  • NUTR 921, Interdepartmental Nutrition Seminar, Fall 2016
  • NUTR 455, Advanced Nutrition, Spring 2017

icon-business-chartResearch & Grants

  • Palmitoleate protects 3-hydroxy fatty acid-induced oxidative stress and -lipoapoptosis in primary rat hepatocytes and primary human trophoblast cells, Internal, May 2017
  • Maternal Obesity-dependent mechanisms that increase offspring predisposition for metabolic dysfunction, University of Nebraksa, July 2017

icon-bookmark-starAwards & Honors

  • Seed Grant, NPOD, 2016
  • NPOD Project Leader, NIH P20 Cobre (NIGMS P20GM104320), 2017

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